The Metrocology Charter

  • Metrocology operates with honest and ethical practices in an open and cooperative atmosphere, allowing it to better represent its clients, partners and community at large. 
  • Metrocology commits to sustaining and nurturing natural environments by balancing a project’s ecological footprint within the local and regional environments capacity to sustain its needs
  • Metrocology acknowledges the impact of successful and suitable design strategies on a project's economic, social and physical development and seeks to champion efforts which enhance its performance using situational appropriate designs and techniques. 
  • Metrocology recognizes the legacy of its actions and being accountable for the impact it makes upon social, economic, and ecological surroundings, it chooses to implement appropriate resilient practices and educate its colleagues, clients, and investors as to their benefit and purpose. 


Think Big, Start Small, Move with Purpose

Communities are the human habitats that enable culture, business, and politics and their creation is the oldest and noblest of human endeavors.  At Metrocology we “think big."  Our approach to the unlocking of Community and Asset value relies heavily on our passion for place making through physical design and social connectivity.  We have seen that markets respond most strongly to dynamic and authentic communities that service and exceed the expectations of people.  From the single block to regional planning strategies and the infrastructure that ties them together, the human community of bricks, mortar and cognitive networking is the greatest generator of growth for community and asset values.
Today’s expectations require a nuanced and sensitive approach to planning, development and investment within the contexts of community and natural environments.  Only projects that have been analyzed holistically can be positioned to affect change without reducing the inherent value of the surroundings in which they are built.  Metrocology “starts small” layering advancements sympathetically to respond to local context and environment and understands that significant value is also achieved through the pragmatic re-use and adaptation of existing investments be they mental, physical, or financial.  Great places are inherently “green," “smart” and “resilient."  They absorb diversity and change while retaining and generating new value.
At Metrocology we believe the best methods for unlocking existing and future asset value must embrace both context and situation as pragmatic and relevant.  Paying lip service to the cumulative knowledge and experience of a place before transforming it entirely is no longer the road to success.  The “churn and burn” model supported by Internal Rate of Return strategies and a reliance on contemporary technical modeling no longer guarantee the results demanded by a “Locally” acting, but “Globally” savvy, market place.  Investment capacity building and asset-based community development/redevelopment require commitments at each stage of planning and implementation.  The 21st Century rewards those who “move with purpose."